New course for youth:

New course for youth: "Mental Health First Aid For Young People About Young People"

The Trauma Recovery Centre are running a new course: "Mental Health First Aid For Young People About Young People", planned by Betsy de Thierry, the Founding Director of the TRC.

With the growing reports of young people struggling with mental health, we need to equip their friends who want to help support them and also help them to make sense of it in their own worlds.

There are 6 sessions for 14-18 year olds, held in Bath on Thursday evenings, 5-6pm, starting in January 2020. The following helpful questions will be the topic for the session:

9th Jan 2020 - 1. How do I know when to worry about my friend and when they will be ok?

16th Jan 2020 - 2. How does a traumatic experience impact our emotions, body, relationships etc?

23rd Jan 2020 - 3. Who do I tell, when do I tell and how do I know so I don't have to be scared I've got it wrong?

30th Jan 2020 - 4. How can I help friends who are depressed and anxious?

6th Feb 2020 - 5. What about self harm? What should I do?

13th Feb 2020 - 6. How can I look after myself when so many of my friends seem to be anxious and worried?

Sessions are just £5 each, totalling £30 for the full course, and with limited spaces available, please email today for a booking form or with queries!
09 Jan 2020 at 5:00pm
until 13 Feb 2020 at 6:00pm
Freedom House
Lower Bristol Road

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The TRC Therapy Centre provides traumarecovery focused creative therapy for children, young people, and a therapeutictrauma recovery parenting group to support their parents/carers, in order tohelp the whole family process their traumatic experience, so that their traumasymptoms are reduced in their daily lives. We are able to work with families and see them transform as they recoverfrom the trauma. The children and youngpeople become more able to focus on things that they should be focusing onrather than expending energy on survival methods.

The Treehouse Project is our specialistprovision for children and young people and their carers who have been rescuedfrom human trafficking. We have a teamof people who are trained in providing therapeutic aftercare as well as amentoring team.

The Oakside Creative Education Centre isa provision for those children and young people who struggle with mainstreamschool. They may be seen as children andyoung people who are defiant, non engaging or phobic.

The TRC Training Centre underpins thethree projects to ensure a constant provision of excellent training for all ourteams and other professionals from key experts in trauma recovery in the UK.
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